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As you sleep in the palm of my hand
I will wish you a restful peace
And although on my mood you depend
I shall never my whim release

All the curtains will softly close
With a rustle of crispy gauze
And I'll sit at the hearthrug's rim
As you silently so repose

At the embers I wistfully look
But they tell me no secret words
Of the playthings you'll have in your nook
Or of where you may chase the birds ...

Yes, I know, this has all yet to be
After years upon years have passed
When you will be so wayward and free
And my palm will not hold you fast

But as yet you still sleep in my hand
And I ponder of what you dream
Of a far-away gone kitten land?
Or a saucer of holiday cream?

Of the future winnings, perchance
Earned in battles of tumbleweed life
And of springtime for your wedding dance
For alliance of husband and wife ...

And your eyes, they are tightly shut
And your breathing is lisping low
Sleepy-sleepy, my sweet, tut-tut
In the feather-down evening glow ...

This poem was inspired by the beautiful image of a kitten by the erstwhile member of DA known as Kikariz.
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February 18, 2011
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